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Book: Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever by Judge Judy Sheidler 

Patricia Vilhena feels people can learn a lot about life by reading this book.

This Book Teaches Us about Life

Patricia Vilhena from Brazil

Patricia Vilhena

Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever was written by Judge Judy Sheidler. In this book, she talks about women's lives. She tries to teach people something about life. She suggests that women should be confident and smart. Besides that, she believes that a person can't be successful if she/he doesn't have a sense of humor. While giving this advice, she describes some situations that happened in her life.

In chapter four, titles "Master the game--the play it", she explains how a sense of humor is important at work. She tells us about her own experience when she started her TV show. She says that there was a meeting to sign autographs for two hours every day. The three most important people from the company were there watching her sign autographs. She hated that, but she never quit. What did she do? She made fun of this situation. She started to ask each person who received the autograph to tell the three important men how much they loved her TV show. After the fourth person, one of them realized that it was happening because of her, and they started to have fun with the situation, too.

So, she shows the audience that it is easy to handle a boring situation at work by making fun of it. She shows how important a sense of humor is. She made her bosses feel bored with so many people were saying the same thing: "We love Judge Judy's show. She showed them that she had a good reason to dislike signing autographs for two hours. It was boring for her like it was for them.

I think we can learn many things reading this book, because she describes real situations, real cased, like in her program. We can learn a lot from her experiences: about work, family, and relationships. I highly recommend reading Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever. 

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