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Ji-Tae Kim reflects on the value of Asian television programs based on historical events. He feels they provide good history lessons, but points out that each country presents these events from their own cultural perspectives.

Korea Television Programs about Historical Events

Ji-Tae Kim from Korea

Korean historical event on TV
Historical events provide TV drama.

In Korea, there are a lot of very popular television programs, especially the ones that are about historical events. These history-based programs are particularly popular with elderly people.

Asia, especially East Asia, has a lot of rich historical background. More than five thousand years of long history in Korea, China, Japan and other Asian countries can make interesting contexts for a variety of dramas.

However I believe these kinds of programs can be a double-edged sword. The successful historical program gives a lot of historical information. On the other hand, these historical programs can be based on each country's own point of view, so it is easy to be prejudiced against other countries and people.

I think television programs that are based on history and are well made are really recommendable because we can learn about history. Even if they present historical events where our ancestors made serious mistakes, learning about these historical events can be helpful lessons that guide us in a good way. Also, these programs can be like a wonderful textbook for children, especially if their parents provide details to help them understand them.

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