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DoesTV Violence Affects Children's Behavior?

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In April, 1997, I conducted an opinion poll in a small town in Japan to find out if young people thought watching violent programs on TV could have a negative effect on children's behavior. I interviewed forty-two young people. I asked them the following questions:


Do you think that children imitate the things they see on TV?


Do you think that watching violent programs on TV can cause children to behave aggressively?

Do you think that parents chould control what their children watch on TV?

Here are the results of my poll.

I found out that ninety-five percent of the young people I interviewed thought that children imitated the things they saw on television. Almost all of them said that television affects children in this way.

In addition, over three quarters of the people polled believed that watching violent programs on television would cause children to behave aggressively. However, only a little over half of those polled agreed that parents should control the kinds of programs that their children watch on TV, and fewer than 40% of them felt that the government should control what children watched.

According to the results of this poll, I concluded that most young people think violence on TV can have very negative effects on children, but they are not in favor of strong control of what children watch. It would be interesting to conduct more surveys to find out what young people in other countries think.

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