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An Online Magazine for Learners of English - Issue 10

Weddings | Art Car Parade | My Cats | Raising Children | What If

A wedding

A special life event...

In every country, a wedding is a very special ceremony for beginning a new marriage. Each has its own special customs. Read about weddings from around the world.

Crazy wheels...

Sulaiman Alquraishi from Saudi Arabia writes about his impressions of the crazy Houston Art Car Parade, one of the oldest and biggest parades for bizarrely decorated cars.

Houston Art Car Parade


A special cat

Feline friends...

Vera Titov from Russia loves cats. She shares her photos of the special cats she "met while traveling around the world. She has written a story about each one of them.


Parents' work...

Raising children offers parents great joy, but at the same time, it brings incredibly important responsibilities. Parents strive to bring their children up in the best way possible.

Raising children


What if ?

It's unreal...

We asked some students to ponder crazy "What if" situations and share their ideas on what they thought the consequences of such unimaginable events would, might, or could be.

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