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Traditional Children's Games: Games of Consequence

These games are played in groups. As a consequence of something which happens in the game, a player must do something silly.For example, if a spinning bottle points to a player after it stops or a player is left holding the ball at a given point in the game, that player then has to pay the consequence—usually sing a song or perform a silly action. Here is a game of consequence from Colombia.

Playing  La Verdad, o Se Atreve
Photo: Sandy Peters
In Colombia, we play a spin the bottle game called La Verdad, o Se Atreve.

Playing Spin the Bottle
Photo: Sandy Peters
A bottle spins round and round. If it points to you when it stops, you must pay a consequence!

La Verdad, o Se Atreve

(Spring the Bottle)

Camilo Angel from Colombia

The game of Spin the Bottle is very popular all around the world. The rules differ in each country, but basically it is the same game. In Colombia, we play a spin the bottle game called La Verdad, o Se Atreve.

You need at least four people to play this game. It is played by young people and also by adolescent people. One person is chosen to spin the bottle the first time.

The first person to play spins the bottle. When the bottle stops spinning, it points to a second person. The first person then asks the second person to perform a funny action. A third person then takes his turn and spins the bottle. The game continues that way.

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