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Violence in the Media

Are depictions of violence in the media harmful?

violence in movies

Violence on TV, in the movies, in video games, and in music seems to be on the rise. What are the effects on young people?

Do some youngsters try to imitate aggressive acts they see in the entertainment media? How much should violence in the media be regulated, and in what manner?

It's Time to Save Our Children
Hye Chul Park from Korea

The Issue of Televised Violence
Leslie Ortiz from Venezuela

Everyone is Responsible
Chien-Hui Liao from Taiwan

What about Violence in the Movies?
Manabu Ozawa from Japan

An Endless Debate:
Freedom of Expression
Bernard Bonnet from France

Looking at Video Game Violence
Silvia Bopp and Nicole Meier from Switzerland, Maxim Popov from Russia,

Is a Rating System Censorship?
Yoshihiro Ozaki from Japan, Lucian de Azeredo Lucena from Brazil, Fernando Rodriguez Castro from Venezuela, Lourdes Joza Gonzalez from Ecuador, Edibe Berrin Ciftci from Turkey, Ana Ines Ruesjas Martin from Argentina, Ana Martinez from Mexico, and Paul Rivera from Ecuador.

Media, Watch Your Language!
Na-Hyun Kim from Korea, Uyen Thanh from Vietnam, Raju Man Shrestha from Nepal, Fatou Samba from Senegal, and Yen Ngo from Vietnam

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