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Online Magazine for Learners of English - Issue 12

Moments of Reflection | Media Violence | Meet Our Grandparents
Computer Issues | Mothers' Eating Advice | Dining in the Rice Village

Great Wall of China

Special Moments

These writers have moments of reflection on meaningful events in their lives.

A bad influence?

These days the heat is on media violence. Does it affect young people in a negative way?

movie with violent scenes

A grandfather

Special people

Meet our grandparents and read our stories. Grandparents are very special.


World of high tech

Looking at computer issues—addictions, virtual friendship, Internet regulation and more.

web site


Good advice

"Eat this! It's good for you!" Do you remember your mother's advice on eating?

International tastes

Dining out at the Rice Village in Houston can be an international experience.

Turkish restaurant

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