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An Online Magazine for Learners of English - Issue 13

Am I Seeing Double | Cheating on Exams | Special Moments
Body Art | Animal Companions | Addictive Risk Taking | Phones


Twin moments

Are you seeing double?
Read about twins from Mexico and Taiwan.


Academic dishonesty

Cheating on exams
It is becoming more and more common.


cheating simulation


Special moments

Remembered Times
International students share glimpses of their past.

Art or fad?

Body Art
It's popularity continues to rise among young people.


tattoo on arm


Special bonding

Animal Companions
Two writers share stories about beloved animals.


Is risk taking addictive?
Can people really become addicted to risky activities?

car racing

cell phone user

Phones, phones, phones

Life with the phone: Is it a wonderful invention or a nuisance?

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