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An Online Magazine for Learners of English - Issue 14

Helping Strangers in Need | Stories to Tell | Invasion of Privacy
What Am I Good At? | Memorable  Experiences
Butterflies in Your Stomach | Natural Disasters

Reading a newspaper article

Helping Strangers in Need

Deciding to intervene when you see a stranger in need
involves important decision-making. Should we intervene? Is there a risk involved? International students write about the times they faced this decision.

We have stories to tell

Read about a lion-hunting father, fearful nights, a Korean gender conflict, a nightmarish school accident, a frightening cave experience, and a cheating incident.

Lorenzo and his lion-hunting father

Invasion of privacy

Invasion of Privacy

People have a right to privacy, but new technology is making it easy for others to invade their privacy? Who's keeping an eye on us, and how? Is our private information safe, or is there reason to be concerned?

What am I good at?

Have you ever asked yourself what you are good at? What do you do well? These contributors tell us about their special talents, among them organizing things, cooking and singing.

What am I good at?

.Memorable experiences

Memorable Experiences

Some events in our lives are unforgettable.
Read about a university celebration, a youth meeting, a student trip to Japan, an unforgettable movie, the birth of a first child, and a first bungee jumping experience.

Butterflies in your stomach

Some situations can make you so nervous about the outcome that you
have butterflies in your stomach

Read about some people who found themselves in such a situation.

Butterflies in your stomach

 Hurricane Flood

Experiencing Natural Disasters

People write about witnessing floods, a hurricane, an earthquake, and a snow storm .

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