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Online Magazine for Learners of English - Issue 15

Keiichiro's Stories | Punishing Children | Childhood Memories | Loss of Privacy
Important Things For Us | It Happened to Us | Romanian Kids' Fashions

Keiichiro Sugimoto
Keiichiro's Stories
Students translate man's stories about cultural experiences.

mother and child
Punishing Children
Everyone has different ideas about how to discipline a child.





Childhood Memories
A beloved rooster, superman, climbing
a mountain, and grandfather's farm.

Loss of Privacy
Writers consider the issue of privacy and the personal need for space.

Things that are important to us
Important Things
Personal photos, shoe shelves, gardening, and soccer.

It Happened to Us!
Stolen items, a strange noise and a locked building

Romanian elementary school students
Kids' Fashions
Elementary school students in Romania share what they think about kids' fashions.


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