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Translating Keiichiro's Stories

This section includes three stories translated from Japanese to English by students in Timothy Mossman's translation class at Canadian International College in Canada.

Keiichiro Sugimoto, a Japanese businessman who lived in the U.S., wrote the stories to humorously describe the difficulties he faced communicating with American people and to help others understand how to get along in similar situations.

Keiichiro Sugimoto

How to Have Soup  ( Eiko Mossman)

Tim Mossman

Read the translated stories:
A Sandwich Story
| How to Have Soup | The Terror of L and R

Keiichiro Sugimoto explains why he wrote the stories:
Helping People Understand Each Other

Timothy Mossman writes:
The CIC-Keiichiro Connection: A Translation Project

Special thanks to Timothy's students at CIC, who translated Keiichiro's stories. Read their comments on the project.

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