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Beauty and fashion magazines
Magazines emphasize the importance of beauty for women and good looks for men.

Reflecting on Beauty

What constitutes beauty, and how important is the way a person looks?

We all have different ideas of what constitutes beauty or good looks, and these ideas differ from one individual to another as well as from one society to another.

Read about a Venezuelan girl who wins the Miss South America contest and read the opinions on beauty of international students. Visit a section on folk tales about beauty and learn some expressions used for discussing beauty.

My Sister Ligia
Monica Esa from Venezuela

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
Williams Melendez from Argentina

Important are Good Looks?
Jin-Taek Lee from Korea

In Search of Beauty
Nina Stoianov from France

Inner Beauty is the Real Beauty
Eun Suk Ji from Korea

Peception of Ourselves Matters
Lisa Jahns Hadeler from the U.S.

International Folk Tales
Stories about Beauty

Communicating about beauty
Adjectives and expressions

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