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An Online Magazine for Learners of English - Issue 19

Power of Smell | Cell Phones & E-Mail | Funny Stories

Unforgettable Moments | Childhood places | Health Problems

The power of smells
The power of smells!
Smells create special feelings, affect moods, and evoke memories.

Cell phoning and driving
Cell phones and E-mail
Today's communication gadgets—love 'em and hate 'em!

student writer student writer
Read our stories.
Stories about a fishing, day, a bowl of soup, and a cheerful mother.

Writing stories on the ocmputer
Unforgettable Moments
Students share funny, embarrassing, scary, and difficult moments

Remembering childhood places
Special Childhood Places
We'll always remember special places we loved in childhood.

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students discuss health problems
Today's health problems
Japanese students explore issue of health common worldwide.

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