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Simon Suh
Photo: Tim Mossman
I head back to the stock room and go through the 'Employee only,' door. All of a sudden, before I can even blink my eyes, ten guys dump flour on me.


Little Green Alien?

Simon Suh

"Bring extra clothes Simon, trust me, you will need them." That was the only warning I get from my manager before I became a little green alien,

It is my first year working as a food runner at Playland. My responsibility at Playland is to deal with shipping, and stocking of all the stands. I am hired to work for the Pacific National Exhibition Fair since they needed lots of help. I spend the month working at Playland two weeks training and two weeks working for the fair.

On my second to last shift, I am told that all the employees in the same department give a little initiation of 'Hello and welcome,' on the last shift. Of course at the time, I am told to bring extra clothes, but I still did not know what this would be for.

Finally, on my last day, there was no initiation for me. As a result, I carry on with my normal duties. After I deliver goods to a stand, I head back to the stock room. I go through the 'Employee only,' door.

All of a sudden, before I can even blink my eyes, ten guys dump flour on me. The flour is followed up by flossine sugar (special kind of syrup used at Playland.), than snocone syrup, and lastly more flossine syrup.

While this is going on, I use all my might to get away. My only option is to run back out the door I have just come through. I yank the door with all the strength I have in my arm, however, someone has snuck up behind the door and is holding the door so it will not open.

The initiation is now complete. Everyone that has initiated my welcome now laughs, and runs away. I look down at myself. I am completely green, looking like some sort of a green alien. Of course, I did not bring extra clothes, so I try my best to wash all these liquids off, but it is practically impossible. It is 'Bleached,' through my skin.

Now, as a result, I am left to work the remaining six hours looking like an alien. Moreover, I have to go home by skytrain and the bus. Everyone that went by me stare at me. I run home once I get off my bus stop, and hide in shame, with last thoughts, "Revenge will soon occur."

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