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It is a beautiful moonlit night in the middle of February. The stars are out illuminating the night sky like a picture perfect New York City night.


My First Kiss

Elmira Bahmani-Mozafar

It is a beautiful moonlit night in the middle of February. The stars are out illuminating the night sky like a picture perfect New York City night, and I am glad to spend this magnificent full moon night with my date.

We are lying here on his balcony watching the stars and holding one another, tighter than anything we care for; I feel lost in his arms. I know I am safe with him but at the same time, I am uncomfortable; I know that I can be the real me, and that he will understand and maybe learn to love me just the way I am. I have this feeling that I can tell him anything; maybe that's why I trust him, but I can't figure out why is it so difficult to be around him.

The cold breeze sweeps my long hair in his direction. I just close my eyes and try to imagine the rest of my life with him.

We're silent; we don't speak a single word and just listen to the trees blowing in the air. We can feel each other's breath and we close our eyes and breathe together as one. He holds me closer to him. My heart is thumping. I don't want to let go of him; I start to feel even safer with him.

I am feeling the comfort and can't hold it any longer and I want to go for a kiss. So I turn towards him and gaze into his blue eyes, getting lost in them. I guess we both know what is going to happen but we don't move a muscle and just gaze at each other and take things very slowly.

He knows that I want him more than anything and I know he wants me. We stare at one another just waiting. I slowly brush my hands on his face. I know he enjoys me touching him. As I see his eyes roll back in enjoyment, it gives me confidence and I start to feel a bit more comfortable. The awkward moments are over.

I can't hold on anymore. I stop touching his face and we both start to move in closer and closer, until finally our lips touch and sparks fly in the air. I feel like I'm flying in enjoyment and I am comfortable. We both kiss with such passion that I loose track of everything around us and enjoy the moment together.

Our eyes lock again; knowing that what has just happened will never be forgotten by neither one of us. I look straight into his eyes and we don't speak a single word. We go back to holding each other and go on with the night in silence, knowing that if we leave, we have to face the world and be separated. So we just stay there until we fall asleep in each other's arms.

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