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Justin Hasselbach
Photo: Tim Mossman
The trees are so close together I have to break through the grabbing branches. The dogs seem to sound closer, but I am too busy having to fight through these endless arms of branches.

My Spot

Justin Hasselbach

As I look out the window I can see the dogs running into the forest. I run out the door and into the sun. I can hear the birds chirping and the wind blowing through the trees. I see the dogs and run in their direction. They run into the woods where it is dark and scary looking. I start to run in their direction.

The trees seem to grow bigger and surround me. The wind now whistles through the trees making high screams. I can feel my fingers getting cold, and my hair blowing from side to side. I can't really see the dogs but I can hear them. Run Justin, run, I tell myself and I continue running in the direction of the barking dogs.

The trees are so close together I have to break through the grabbing branches. The dogs seem to sound closer, but I am too busy having to fight through these endless arms of branches. I can see an opening.

Finally, I am to an open area. The dogs are right there in the middle of the gully and it looks like there is a ray of sunlight pouring onto the dogs. I want to go to the dogs. The dogs seem to be waiting for me. I think I am going to sit with them.

The damp grass that carpets the ground is soft and the dog's fur feels warm when I grab a fistful of hair. This place is different. When I look up, the trees form walls around the gully making me feel safe and warm. The rotting log laying up the side of the gully looks like a ladder to the top of the gully and the moss covered rocks glow bright green.

Boy, all this adventure makes me feel tired. The dog's stomach will be a good place to lie down. Tasha's barrel shaped body is the perfect place to lay my head. I can see the world going black.

Brr, it's so cold. I see the gully and I am all by myself. Where did the Tasha and Amok go? I am all alone, and I feel cold. Now that I am standing, I can fully see that I am all alone and no one is around. WHAT DO I DO? "TASHA, AMOK". They are not coming. I need to get away from here. I feel really cold.

Run Justin, run. I can't see anything. I am back in the grabbing trees. I can feel my clothes being pulled again, I want my mom. Let me go please! Wow, I broke that branch right off the tree. I don't know where to go. All the trees are flying by me so fast. Where do I go? There are trees everywhere. I am never going to see my mom again. I am going to die out here. It's not fair. I hate my life. I need to keep running.

I see light! I can see the wood shop. Run faster Justin. "OUCH!" my face landed in the dirt and I can see red all over my hands; they feel like they're burning. Just run Justin. I can see my mom's car driving in. "MOM, MOM!" my throat is starting to feel sore from all my screaming. My mom is so close. Only a little bit farther.

My mom looks at me and seems scared. Why is she scared? I am scared, not her. She is running to me screaming. Screaming to me, "WHAT IS WRONG". Why is she being so rough with me? She keeps looking me all over. At least I am in my moms arms. I feel completely safe now.

From this time on that place will be the dog sanctuary. My dogs and I will always go there. Even though getting there is scary, it will be my spot that no one can touch.

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