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Christine Wu
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"Mom? Where is mom? Where is Frank? Where's Allen?" I have been left behind. THEY did forget about me. ME!


Santa, where's my mommy?

Christine Wu

"Where are we going mom?" I asked as we walk down the stairs toward the exit on a cold winter day. "To go take pictures" my mom replies. It took me awhile to understand. I thought we had just taken photos with Santa Claus last weekend at Lansdowne mall. Why would we be going again?

But, I do not say a word. I want to see Santa Claus, he always gives me candy and seeing all those decorations makes me so happy. So walking into the mall with my family, I start to get all excited again to see Santa Claus.

We walked all day in the store, and yet mom does not take us to see Santa Claus. I'm beginning to get tired. I just want to sit down and nap. It is already late afternoon. I don't want to do anything anymore. I just want to sleep. Mom finally decides to leave the store and heads to the cash lady in the dark brown hair to pay.

I sit down at the end of the counter waiting for my mom to finish. "If I fall asleep, mom will wake me up…" and so, I fall asleep while my brothers play around in front of the store. Not long, which feels like hours, I wake up. "Why is mommy taking so long?" I look up. Everything is so bright. "Mom? Where is mom? Where is Frank? Where's Allen?" I have been left behind. THEY did forget about me. ME!

But, I remember … I remember mom telling me we are going to go take photos today. That is why I am dressed up. That's it! I feel so smart. I remember, get up, and walk out of the store. I look up and down searching for mom's pink jacket. Everyone and everything is so big. I see a stand, "Information booth." I walk up to it. "Excuse me, where is Santa Claus?" The man replies, "Where is your mother?" "Where Santa Claus is." He points me to the direction, and I continue to walk.

It seems like miles before I finally find Santa's workshop. There is always a long line of children with their parents, and reindeers eating grass around there. I look at the line but don't see my mom anywhere. I'm scared. Where did she go? She doesn't want me anymore? I walk away, and begin to cry. Where is my mom?

A young man stops me and asks, "Hi, are you lost? Where is your mother?" Warm water flushed with emotions run across my cheeks, I reply, "I don't know. I know where her car is. I'll go outside and look for her and wait at the car. If she is still here, her car would still be here!" The young man looks at me. "What is your mother's name? What is her phone number?" I don't remember my phone number. I only know my house number.

"Here, use my phone, call home." As I dial, my vision is blurred by my tears, and as I listen to the dial tone, I wonder if my mom left me behind and went home. Was I really such a bad girl? No one picks up, and soon after 5 rings, the answering machine answers.

The young man tells me to sit down, "I'll get the information desk to page your mother." Page? What is he talking about? I'm not supposed to talk to him. He is a stranger. But I'm too scared to move. I'm tired. I'm tired again. From all the crying.

Before long, I see my mom, running toward me. With some lady? Who is this? Mom sees me. She is also in tears and takes me into her arms and tells me never to run away again. I cry in her arms, feeling the warmth of her body against mine. She thanks the young man, and holds me while we go find my brothers. "If that ever happens again, stay where you are, mommy will come and find you."

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