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Gary Yau
Photo: Tim
Impatiently, I urge my little sister to hurry up before the snow melts. Finally, she's ready and off we go gathering up all our tools and run into the beautiful snow!

Snow Trek

Gary Yau

Finally, it's the end of the school week! I see the beautiful coat of snow outside and think to myself, "I'm going to have lots of fun!" I rush my way home being careful not to slip in the snow with a big joyous grin on my face.

Arriving to the front door, I quickly knock impatiently as my mom comes and opens the door. Dashing through the door, I quickly take off my sneakers and change into my boots. I run to the closet to grab my black waterproof jacket and a sweater to keep me warm.

Impatiently, I urge my little sister to hurry up before the snow melts. Finally, she's ready and off we go gathering up all our tools and run into the beautiful snow! I grab my gloves on the way out and start to make a pile of snowballs. Sneaking up to my sister, I throw a snowball at her which stupidly, told her where I am. I quickly ran away to the backyard so she can't catch up with me.

After an hour or two of chasing back and forth, we get tired and lie down in the snow for a rest. In a short while, we're back full of energy and together, we start building a little snow fort in the backyard.

After a while, it starts getting dark and cold and we decide to end our day. We race to the front through the snow. I dash as fast as I can with my remaining energy as I reach the finish line and then knock on the front door. No one answers. We wait for another minute. No one answered.

Peeking through the mail slot hole, I see that it's all dark inside and no one is there. My sister then goes to take a look in the garage window. One of the cars is gone! Our mother went out without telling us and now we're stuck outside in the freezing cold snow.

Suddenly, the snow doesn't look too fun anymore. My sister and I run back to our snow fort and hide inside with hopes of warmth. Slowly, I start to feel the snow soaking into my boots causing my feet to feel numb. I start to shiver and hold my knees tightly in my grip. I close my eyes and wrap my head between my knees hoping to get warm. I just remembered that my sister is with me outside so I look to my left at her. "She seems to be doing fine," I think to myself.

However, the cool air just continues to slowly blow against me as I shiver more and more. We wait and wait, hoping that we will soon hear the sound of the garage door opening, but, it did not come. I take off my gloves and start blowing into them and rub them together. After, I lay my hands on my cheeks. Feeling the slightly warm palm on my face warms me up a little bit causing me to sigh wondering where my mother could be.

Finally, after what seems to have been hours, I finally hear my mother's car running up the driveway and the garage door opening. With joy, I tell my sister and we both dash up as quickly as we can with our frozen feet and run inside. Never again will I look at snow the same, joyful way again.

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