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Woo Young (Eric) Im
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All of a sudden the fear and terror of the injury throws me into a panic. I feel my legs shake and my heart pound vigorously.


Stitches on My Eyelid

Woo Young (Eric) Im

"Oh, finally school is over!" I instantly reach out for a broom and a dustpan. I am nine years old. I am in my elementary school in Korea, and right now the only thing that is in my mind is to finish cleaning and go home. I sweep the floor with ease so that I don't dust the entire classroom. From corner to the center, it's easy to sweep daily dust off the floor.

On the other hand, it seems like it will take me forever to finish the floor if I were to do it alone. I look around to find someone to help me with the floor. "Gosh! They are so lazy; they are just talking and fooling around!" All the sudden I feel so left out doing all the work by myself.

Meanwhile, my friend Johnny tells me that we must empty out the waste bin. It is just a blue plastic bin that comes up to my waist. So, I drag it out to the hall with Johnny. To get to the big dumpster outside, I must carry the entire thing alone. Since the way down to the dumpster is straight, I figure that it would be easier to just slide down the hall towards outside.

Johnny wants to help me to slide the garbage box. I hold the box firmly attached to the ground and begin to push. Plastic bottom of the garbage box matches well with the slippery surface of the tiles. As I gain some speed while Johnny pushes me from behind, I begin to feel nervous about falling down.

Just as soon as I slow down to stop, the bottom edge of the garbage box gets stuck between the two tiles on the floor. Johnny does not realize what is going on ahead of him and keeps on pushing me.

Due to the sudden stop of the garbage bin, the top of the bin is pushed over and I am seeing the sharp bottom edge of the bin. Bam! There is a deep burning sensation in my right eyelid. My right eye feels numb.

All of a sudden the fear and terror of the injury throws me into a panic. I feel my legs shake and my heart pound vigorously. I start to cry and I can feel the big warm drops of tears rolling down on my cheeks. "Will I be able to see?" "Will I be able to live?" I am feeling very anxious because I think I might not be able to see through my right eye. I can't help crying because I don't see my mom. Nobody is there to help me, but Johnny.

Eventually Johnny leads me to my teacher to call my mom. The result is 8 stitches, which lasted over 4 weeks plus antibacterial treatment. This is my early childhood memory, which still gives me shivers sometimes because I could have lost my sight that day at school.

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