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A lonely child
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Your children can be bullied! Help him to learn to interact with other children and make friends.

Parents: How to Protect Your Children

Eun Jun from Korea

Many parents aren't worried about bullying; they think it won't happen to their children, or they think it is just part of growing up. But they need to know that bullying is a problem and it can happen to their children.

Here is some advice for you if you have children and don't want them to be bullied.

  1. Help your children make friends. Most bully victims don't interact socially a lot with other children. They are often alone and don't have a grop of freiends.

  2. You can protect your children when they are with you, but they need to know how to protect themselves when they are alone. You have to teach your children how to do this.

  3. Try to help your children feel good. They need to feel confident or they will be shy around other children. If they are shy, the other children will think they don't want to be friends. It is a problem if they are alone because bullies look for children without friends.

If you want to protect your children from bullies, follow this advice. 

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