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Students Come Up With Anti-Bullying Ideas

Demba from Senegal

Children getting on a schoolbus
Children getting on a schoolbus

Bullying is getting worse and worse every day, so many people are trying to start anti-bullying programs. Some students have come up with good ideas about how to stop bullying.

For example, in Wales there was a lot of bullying on school buses. Two girls wanted to stop the bullying on buses and came up with an way to stop bullying on the school bus.

They created a bus pass and made four rules for students on the bus: no bullying, no swearing, no smoking and no disturbing the driver. Whenever a student broke a rule, he got a mark on a corner of his pass. When a student had four corners marked, he wasn't allowed to take the bus anymore. The bus pass idea worked. It stopped bullying on the bus, and the girls won an award for their idea.

In Michigan, some students came up with an idea about how to stop bullying with friendship. They made DVDs to teach other students how to be friends and deal with bullying. They gave the DVDs to younger students in their school to teach them how to be good friends. This plan worked, too. After that, there was less bullying at their school.

Students in many schools have also created anti-bullying clubs to fight bullying. Many students have joined the clubs and work with teachers to show students how to stop bullying. For example, some clubs visit elementary schools and talk to younger students. They teach them what to do about bullying.

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