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A bully and a victim
Victims of bullying suffer a lot, now and later in life. Most people don't know it, but bullies are also affected by bullying, especially in the future.

Both Victims and Bullies Suffer

Yong Jin from Korea

Everyone knows that victims of bullying suffer. Do you know that bullies suffer, too?

Victims suffer because bullies hurt them physically. Bullies hit, punch, and kick them. Bullies also hurt them emotionally and make them afraid and unhappy. They are always scared because they know the bullies might hurt them again.

Because they are afraid of the bullies, they don't want to go to school. This is a problem, because they need to go to school so they can learn. Victims worry a lot about the bullies and that means they can't sleep well at night. This is a problem, too. They can't study well the next day because they are too tired. These emotional problems affect them when they get older.

Victims also have serious problems. Sometimes, they don't go to class regularly or they leave school. Usually they don't have good friends. When thy get older, it is hard for them to have good lives because they don't know how to socialize with other people. They don't know how to interact and make friends or keep jobs. Another problem is some bullies commit crimes when they get older.

So, bullying is bad for both the victims and the bullies. Both of them suffer when bullying happens, and both of them have problems in life when they get older. 

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