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We Witnessed Bullying Incidents

University students share stories about bullying incidents they witnessed while in school. They describe the incidents and share their feelings about the the incident, the victims, and the bullies.

A bullied student
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In his childhood, he had been sick, so he had lost his hair. Some bullies always teased him about his bald head.

Bullies Want to Show Their Power

Mi Hye from Korea

I observed a bullying situation when I was 14 years old. There was a classmate who was bald. In his childhood, he had been sick, so he had lost his hair. Some bullies always teased him about his bald head. Whenever I saw them do it, my heart ached for him, but I couldn't do anything. I was also afraid of the bullies.

I think the victim was scared that the bullies would hurt him physically, too. As time goes by a victim can recover from physical hurt; however, I think it’s hard to recover from emotional things.

Bullying Leaves Emotional Scars

InJi from Korea

When I was a middle school student I saw a bullying incident. Bullies picked on a student who was weaker that the others. They harassed him and even took his money. Most students thought that bullies were bad, but no one said anything to them. All students were scared that they would become victims.

Bullies Enjoy Scaring People

Sung Hwi Chung from Korea

Bullies are very mean people. They enjoy bullying and seeing victims' fearful faces. It makes them think they are stronger than other people.

In my high school years, a friend of mine was a victim of bullying. Every day, bullies took his money and hit him without reason. One day, bullies hit him in the chest and he fainted, but he didn't tell his parents or teachers anything.

It Was Four Against One: Four Bullies and Only One Victim

Yong Jin from Korea

I saw several bullying incidents when I was a middle school student. The bullies harassed and took money from victims. I think they behave so aggressively because they usually hang around with many other bullies.

I was really surprised when I saw a real bullying incident. There were four bullies and only one victim. None of the bystanders attempted to help the victim because there were so many bullies and they were bigger than other students. I think these students become bullies because they are bigger and stronger, and they just want to abuse their power over the other students.

Have you ever witnessed a bullying incident? Send us your story.

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