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Ice Cream: We Love It! - Part 1

These international students all have the same thing to say about this favorite summer treat: "It's delicious!"

We all love ice cream!
Photo: Thomas Peters
Students in Thomas Peters' ESL class at Saint Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont get together to enjoy refreshing ice cream cones on a hot summer day.

Photo: T. Peters
Eating it brings back good memories.

I Remember the Ice Cream Truck!

Sofia from Argentina

I remember when the ice cream truck came to our town. All my friends and I ran to be the first to have an ice cream because the first one always got the biggest amount. Oh! To be first and to get the biggest ice cream was heavenly. I remember several funny things about the ice cream truck.

First, the ice cream truck music was like music from a cartoon show. Second, the ice cream man yelled " Ice cream! Ice cream!, If you buy one, you are going to be happy forever!" So, I always said to my mom " I want an ice cream because I would like to be happy forever, forever…" My mom always reminds me of this when we buy ice cream. Read more...

Eating ice cream makes me feel good.
Photo: T. Peters
Often I walk with my friends down the street, eating ice cream with them.

Ice Cream: A Way I Get a Good Feeling

Katrin from Germany

Ice cream is delicious frozen milk with cream, and it is very sweet. If I eat ice cream, I have nice time and feel relaxed. I associate ice cream with a good feeling. Often I walk with my friends down the street or sit in the sun with them, and we eat ice cream and feel happy.

But I can't eat a lot of ice cream, or I get a stomachache. It's a pity. So, I just eat a little and enjoy it a lot!

It makes me think of summer!
Photo: T. Peters
When I eat ice cream, I think about its taste and its ingredients.

It Makes Me Think of Summer!

Sinan from Turkey

When I eat ice cream, I think about its taste and its ingredients. It may seem strange, but I like to think about the milk, the fruits, and the other things in the ice cream that are good for us.

For example, if I eat strawberry ice cream, I think about the gardens of strawberries and picking them. Of course, I never want to finish my ice cream because it makes me feel good.

I generally eat it in the summer so when I eat it in any of the other four seasons, it isn't difficult to think of summer. Thinking about summer always makes me think about the holidays: the sea, the beach, the sun, the hot weather and many good times with friends. So I think ice cream is very important for us: for our bodies, and for our feelings.

It's my favorite food!
Photo: T. Peters
It's sweet and melty.

Ice Cream is My Favorite Food

Keiichi from Japan

Ice cream is my favorite food. I like to eat vanilla ice cream in the summer. When I eat ice cream I think about my family because they like ice cream, too. Ice cream is sweet and melty. Some ice cream is too sweet, but we can find ice cream that is not too sweet, and we can enjoy melting ice cream. In the summer it melts fast, but in the winter it melts slowly

It's sweet and I love it.
Photo: T. Peters
I love ice cream.

Eating Ice Cream with Others is Fun

Raquel from Spain

When I eat ice cream, I think about my husband, my family, and my friends because the are very sweet, and nice just like ice cream.

I remember those summers in my country when we went to a cafe to eat ice cream because we loved it. I love to go to a cafe and eat different kinds of ice cream while I speak with people.

Part 2: More comments by the international students in this class.

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