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Come to Bulgaria, My Friend

Kanariya Shefkieva Yuseinova is a student in journalism at
Shumen University in Shumen Bulgaria.

a Bulgarian rose


Valya Balkanska

Golden Record

You think you're alive
but you haven't seen
Bulgaria yet

If you don’t know that
this is the land of ROSE OIL

If you don’t know

If you don't know
the mystery of BULGARIAN VOICE

If you haven't heard
the song of Valya Balkanska "IZLEL E DELYO HAYDUTIN"
sent out on the Golden Record into the cosmos

Then be sure - there are so many things you must do and see
hear and learn
in the long life lying before you

You must know
here in Bulgaria our people are not so many
but they have big hearts
and are ready to open them for you.

So begin to live, to grow, to find things
you never dreamed of

Come to BULGARIA my friend

Kanariya Shefkieva
Kanariya Shefkieva



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