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Love Across Cultures: Armenia

Marina Sahakyan from Armenia

Dreaming of a glass of water
Photo: Hakob (K)
In my country we celebrate St. Sargis Day. On this day, young people eat salty cookies. They get thirsty, but they can't drink any water. Tradition says the man or woman who gives them a glass of water in a dream will be their future spouse.


My name is Marina and I am from Armenia. In my country we celebrate Valentineís Day on the same day but with another name. It is a day for lovers and the day is called St. Sargis Day.

The lovers celebrate on this day. They go out somewhere, maybe to a concert because all the concert halls have special concerts for St. Sargis Day.

On the day before, many people go to Mass in the church. There are long lines of people going into the church, especially young people. Afterwards, the church (or widowed women) gives out cookies.

The young people eat the cookies at around 5 or 6 oíclock, and they canít drink any water although the cookies are very salty. So when they go to sleep they are very thirsty, and if in their dreams someone gives them a glass of water, that person will be their future spouse! If you see an older woman in your dreams, maybe she will be your future mother-in-law!

In my country women and men can go on dates, but it is appropriate when they arenít so young. It isnít polite when a man and a woman kiss in public. Of course, at school or in college girls have boyfriends, but it is more polite when someone likes somebody to go to their house and their parents will give them permission to go out together and to get to know each other.

In the United States I have a boyfriend and we go out together. Our parents give their permission. On my first Valentineís Day in the U.S., I received a beautiful flower basket gift for me and we went to a wonderful restaurant.

I think Valentineís Day is a very important day for everybody, and I think itís a good idea once a year to do something special for each other and to say very important words about your love and your feelings.

If you love, you will be loved!

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