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An Online Magazine for Learners of English - Issue 9

Unforgettable Experiences | Winning Competitions
Today's Addictions | Ways of Being Romantic

whale tail
Photo: Thomas Peters

Some memorable experiences...

Seeing whales up close, weathering a storm while sailing on the high seas, reminiscing about the fall of the Berlin Wall, viewing an AIDS Quilt Project, and reaching the top of a mountain are
unforgettable experiences.

Challenges, goals, and success...
Training for sports or learning to play a musical instrument involves hard work, but brings challenges and rewards. Some people's efforts even lead to
winning competitions.

 horse and rider jump
Photo from Mariana Prado

Photo: Sandy Peters

Problems of our times...

Have you ever worked, shopped,

surfed the Internet, or gambled
compulsively? These are some
modern day addictions.

Romance around the world...

Ways of being romantic differ from country to country. International students from four different countries write about the concept of romance in their countries.


Photo: Sandy Peters

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