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Classroom Experiences

Students react to new experiences in their English classrooms. Each one has a different experience to share with you.

Campaigning for the election
Electing a
Class President
Hui-Yu Yang
from Taiwan


Giving a talk
Giving a Talk
in Class
Diana Travecedo
from Colombia

Learnilng about baseball
Learning English
Through Baseball
Xiao Wei Nong
from China


Learning about the expression "blind date"
Learning a
New Expression
Xiao Wei Nong
from China

I need an English name.
Pronouncing My
Name is Hard
Shen Yu
from China


We read aloud.
Reading Aloud
for a Teacher
Anney Pan
from China

Being videotaped in class
Facing a
Video Camera
Milan Gurung
from Nepal


Giving a presentation
Giving a
Class Speech
Yuji Minami
from Japan

Celebrating Valentine's Day
Learning about
Valentine's Day
Shen Yu
from China


Write to us about your
own experience learning
English in a classroom.

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