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wolf in folk tales
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Folk tales from Around the World

Folk tales from many countries grouped by the themes of beauty, brotherly love, cleverness, disobedience, greed, happiness, love, lying, patience, and helping people.


Malaysia - Young Man Shows True Love - Retold by K. Y. Chin


Korea - Real Brotherly Love - Retold by Yun Seok Kim


Malaysia - Outwitting a Crocodile - Retold by Chok Yun Foo


Malaysia - The Story of the Coconut Tree - Retold by Nurhayani Abu Bakar


Japan - Kaguya Hime - Tale of the Bamboo Princess - Retold by Chifuyo Omma

Korea - Jang Hwa and Hong Run - Retold by Jin Taek Lee

Korea - Kongi and Potgi - Retold by Youngil-Seo

Taiwan - A Beautiful Lady Saves the King - Retold by Yu-Ling Hsieh


China - The Old Man and the Golden Fish - Retold by Hoh Chee Bin

Japan - A Broken Promise - Mami Takenaka

Turkey - The Greedy Farmer - Retold by Turkan Ece

China - A Magic Paint Brush - Retold by Anna Yuan Li Ning


Lebanon - The Prince and the Princess - Retold by Esam Elhefian


Korea - Endless Love (Retold by Ji-Young Lee)

Malaysia - Young Man Shows True Love (Retold by K.Y. Chine)


China - A Magic Paint Brush - Retold by Anna Yuan Li Ning


Turkey - The Man Who was a Liar (Retold by Turkan Ece)

Retell a traditional folk tale from your country. Send it to us at:

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