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Onigiri (Rice Balls)

Chiemi Burgess from Japan

These are triangle-shaped rice balls with filling inside, and wrapped with dry seaweed sheet. We often eat rice balls, but usually people make them for lunch when they go on a picnic. They are very easy to make, and they are delicious! When I eat them, I really feel "I am Japanese!"

Ingredients: (for 6 people)

  • cooked rice (use short-grain rice)
  • filling - salty, pickled plum, grilled salmon, tuna fish mixed with mayonnaise sauce -
    Whatever you like you can choose as filling.
  • salt
  • dry seaweed sheet (nori)

Photo: C. Rhodes
Chiemi Burgess recommends trying Onigiri if you want to eat something typically Japanese.


  1. Cook rice according to the recipe of the back of the rice bag.
  2. Prepare some water in a bowl. Wet your hands in the water and sprinkle a little of salt on the palms.
  3. While the rice is warm, place a handful of rice on the palms.
  4. Place your favourite filling in the centre of rice and form rice in a triangular shape by tossing the rice in the hands. Make sure the filling comes inside of the rice ball.
  5. Cut dry seaweed sheet in strip. Wrap around the rice balls with the dry seaweed sheet strip.

Tip for Preparing

To make a triangular shape, hold one hand with the palm side up and hold the other hand in a mountain shape over the palm of the other hand.

You can also wrap the rice balls with dry seaweed sheet just before eating them, so that the seaweed sheet is nice and crispy!

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