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A Farmers Food Market

The Farmers Market in Burlington, Vermont

Sellling home-baked goods
Photo: Sandy Peters
Selling home-baked goods at the market.

Visiting a flower stand
Photo: Sandy Peters
Visiting a flower stand at the market.

Looking at woolen goods
Photo: Sandy Peters
Taking a look at woolen goods on display.


A Farm Fresh Market

Ji-Yun Park from Korea

This morning, I went to the Farmers Market in Burlington, Vermont. I didn't know what the Farmers Market is or how to get there. I decided to go early because the market is held in the morning.

First, I had to decide how to go there, and I chose both to walk and to take a bus. When I went, I would walk and when I came back, I would take a bus.

I knew that it would take a long time to walk, but I wanted to see an American town. Walking, I would be able to see more.

Walking to the market in this city, I was surprised because every house was beautiful, and they were all arranged in good order.

In Korea cities, most houses are not like that, and many apartments are like boxes which often screen off beautiful views like hills and mountains. Also, every road is curved and narrow. So, to me this American town was very impressive.

Anyway, I was able to find the Farmers Market. It was a very small market, but a very interesting one.

I don't know why farmers go there to sell vegetables or why people go there to buy them because there are many more products in large supermarkets. I think the reason is that the ones which are sold in the Farmers Market are fresher and cheaper.

Also, all the things sold there were very novel. In addition to fresh food, there was homemade food and many other things such as woolen blankets, quilts, and wooden products. I wanted to buy some of them, but I didn't need them, so I just looked at them. It was a very exciting experience.

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