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Restaurant Reviews by ESL Students at SMC

Ken Ninomiya, Masako Okawa, and Harumi Ono from Japan

These three Japanese college students in Christine Bauer-Ramazani's Advanced English Class in the Intensive English Program of Saint Michael's College in Vermont researched restaurants in their area and wrote reviews of the three most popular ones.

Masako Okawa, Harumi Ono, and Ken Ninomiya
Masako Okawa, Harumi Ono, and Ken Ninomiya carried out research to identify the best restaurants for students at Saint Michael's College.

We made this page for new students of Saint Michael's College in order to share information about restaurants in the area. First of all, we surveyed SMC students about restaurants that they would recommend. The students were willing to help us.

Then after the survey, we picked out the three best restaurants from the results of the survey. When we chose these three restaurants, we considered their location because the restaurants for new students need to be close to the College and easy to get to by public transportation. Then we visited these restaurants to take a look at the atmosphere, try their food, and interview with the managers.

Results of Survey of Area Restaurants
These are the results of the survey. We asked 34 people at Saint Michael's College, and they suggested many restaurants. Then we categorized these restaurants by type of food: American, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Ethnic, steak, and French, and indicated the number of votes for each. We picked out the three restaurants that received more than two votes.

Restaurants with the highest scores and in close proximity to Saint Michael's College. Therefore, we focused on Papa Frank's, the Rathskeller, and Sakura where we can go by public transport. Now, click on this link if you want to know the results of our experiment.

Enjoy your visual trip to the restaurants!

A Popular Choice: Papa Frank's Italian Restaurant

The outside of Papa Frank's Italian Restaurant

Italian Restaurant

Another favorite: Sakura Japanese Restaurant

The outside of Sakura  Japanese Restaurant


The Outside of Sakura Restaurant

Another top restaurant: The Rathskeller

The outside of The Rathskellar

Christine Bauer-Ramazani, the teacher, describes this project.

View the original project on Christine Bauer-Ramazani's web site.


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