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Restaurant Reviews by ESL Students at SMC

A Call Online Student Reviews this Web Project

by Miki Sakuma from Japan

"Student Web Projects"—I was impressed with seeing the students` projects. As some of the students who made the web sites are my classmates, I can tell my classmates had never made websites before Christine's class. I can imagine how they were excited with that project. There are three reasons why I think this technological project, worked well in ESL classroom.

First, students must be highly motivated because nowadays getting the skills of computers becomes necessary in daily life and a lot of students want to acquire the computer skills very much.

Second, after the students completed their project, they are able to feel that they could acquire a computer skill: making a web page and also that they improve their English because they actually used English in their web sites and communicated with native-speakers (for example, clerks in the restaurants).

Third, I believe that high-level learners can improve their English through content based instruction. (From my classmates, I can tell that the students, who made the web sites, are high-level.) In this point, presenting technology in EFL/ESL classroom is a really nice topic in the content based classrooms."
Sakuma, MATESL, 5/31/2001)

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