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Photo: Joselia Muñoz
Brazil: A dish of Feijoada

Tortilla Espanola
Photo: Sandy Peters
Spain: A Tortilla Espanola

Photo: Hyo Chol Kwak
Korea: A dish of Kimchi

Spain: Tortilla Espanola
A special Spanish omelette made of potatoes, eggs, and onions

Japan: Nikujaga
Beef, potatoes, carrots, and onion, seasoned with sake and soy sauce.

Hong Kong: Peking Roast Duck
A savory Chinese duck dish with a fruity flavor and very crispy skin

Italy: Italian Food
Tradition, high quality ingredients, and a passion for natural foods

Uzbekistan: Plov
A dish of mutton, onions, carrots, and rice served at national celebrations

Ecuador: Fanesca
A soup of grains, legumes, cereals, and fish eaten before religious fasting

Venezuela: Hallacas
Ground corn, meat, and vegetables, wrapped in banana leaves

Brazil: Feijoada
A hearty dish made of black beans and different kinds of meat

Korea: Kimchi
A soup of cabbage seasoned with red pepper powder and pickled shrimp

Saudi Arabia: Silig
A tasty, popular dish made with rice, milk, chicken, and spices

Turkey: Simit
Tasty rings of Turkish cake bread with sesame seeds

Brazil: Cheese Bread (Pão de Queijo)
A popular snack and part of Brazilians' day-to-day life

El Salvador: Pupusas
Tasty, thick tortillas filled with meat, beans, and cheese

Venezuela: Arepas
Delicious, fried cornmeal patties you can fill with cheese or meats

Mexico: Tacos
Delicious corn tortillas filled with beef, chicken, or fish

Taiwan: Fortune Cookies
Are these treats with fun messages inside really Chinese?

Indonesia: Rendong
A tasty, spicy meat dish served with sticky rice

Colombia: Guineo
A typical and popular dish made with green bananas

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