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A Day with Foreign Things in Japan

Aya Takehisa from Japan

Aya Takehisa
Photo: Chihiro Takehisa
In Japan, Aya drinks bottled water from France, tea from China and Colombian coffee—all in one day.


This morning, I drank a cup of strong tea with milk. It was tasty. I bought it at Ediard, which was established in 1854 in Paris, France; but the tea leaves were from China.

After that, I went to the company which I work for, and I bought a cup of coffee in the cafeteria. The coffee beans were from Colombia.

At the lunchtime I went to the pizza restaurant next to the company. The owner said that he bought some seasonings from Italy for the pizza. After lunch, I went to a convenience store, and bought a bottle of water. It was Evian from France, and I like it.

During the meeting, I had several tablets of mint; they were from Belgium. My colleague gave me some chocolates. They were a souvenir from Hawaii. After work, I went with my friend to Starbucks, a company from America, and I ordered café au lait, which was from France.

When I went back to my house, my cats were waiting for me inside the door. One is a Somari; its place of origin is England. The other is an Ocicat, its place of origin is America.

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