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American Movies Influence Ukrainian Culture

Tamila Spektorov from Ukraine

Ukraine was a so-called closed country until Perestroyka. American movies started to influence Ukrainian culture at that time. Ukrainian youth was affected by the way the Americans portrayed in those movies dressed, talked, and behaved.

It was diffficult for poor Ukrainian movie studios to compete with the rich Hollywood ones, so our movie theaters were swamped with Hollywood films.

After "Perestroyka, each individual was allowed to travel anywhere; but even today, most Ukrainians still cannot afford to travel overseas. As a result, most Ukrainian youth get their image of Americans through the Hollywood movies which continue to dominate the Ukrainian screens.

When I visited the capital of Ukraine two years ago, I was concerned with what I saw. Many young people (especially poor, uneducated young people from small villages) looked like bad copies of young Americans. Unfortunately, those youngsters had not chosen to follow the best American examples.

I hope this situation will change in the near future. I hope that the new government will find ways to curb the bad influence of these movies on local youth. I wish the Ukrainian government would import only the best Hollywood movies.

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