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What's Happening to Our Languages?

Finding English words in ads in German magazines

Influence of the English Language

Just as people and products move around the world, languages spread. The influence of English on other languages is pervasive. Some people fear this is detrimental to their own languages and want the spread of English to be curbed.

The Influence of English on the German Language
Dorothea Baerthlein from Germany

American English Influences Japanese
Keiko Endo from Japan

The Power of the English Language in Brazil
Simone Corte from Brazil

The Influence of English on Russian and Ukranian
Yuliya Melnyk from the Ukraine

Influence of English on the Armenian Language
Susanna Tsaturian from Armenia

English Leads to Identity Crisis in Venezuela
Coromoto Michelangeli from Venezuela

Influence of English on Venezuelan Spoken Spanish
Alice Ortiz from Venezuela

English and Other Languages Change Serbian
Natasa Popovich from Yugoslavia

Singlish is Common in Singapore
Maho Yamada from Japan

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