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Cultural Glimpses

From around the globe, international students weigh in on cultural values, cultural differences, culture shock, and assimilation.

Birth to First Birthday in Traditional Korea
Park Eunyoung from Korea describes traditional Korean views on the life of a child from before birth and during birth to the celebration of the child's first 100 days and of his first birthday.

To Be in a Neutral Position (Caught in the Middle)
Satoe from Japan says an interesting "neutral position" in Japan is one in which a husband is caught in the middle between his mother and his wife.

American and Japanese Movies Differ
Ryosuke from Japan says that not only are Japanese and American movies different, but also the behavior of the movie audience in each country differs.

It's Not Like Where I Grew Up
Khang Tran from Vietnam feels Vietnamese should be modest wherever they are, but she realizes young Vietnamese are different in her new home country, the U.S.

Water is for the Young and Work is for the Old
Serhat from Turkey explains a Turkish idiom that says young people have the right to do things first; but must listen very carefully to what older people have to say.

Why Should We Obey Older People?
Pratya Prachakrit from Thailand says traditionally young Thai should accept older people's decisions, but he feels young people's ideas should be given more value.

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