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Photo Gallery 2: Traditional Children's Games

International students demonstrate how they played hide and seek, marbles, and a whirly toy game.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek One, two, three four.
Ready or not, here I come!

A Game of Marbles

Marbles It's my turn to shoot!
I'll knock your marble out!

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek
In this game, players are ready to run and hide before they get caught.

Spinning "bamboo dragon flies"

whirly Spinning whirly toys called bamboo dragon flies in Taiwan.
All photos by Sandy Peters  

International Students
Thailand: Siriporn Anekchindarat (Si) and Rungsima Trakoolngam (Kwang)
Wan Chi Yu, Hsieh Chen-Hung (Jim), and Chen Hui-Mei (Vivien)
Mexico: Josefina Piñon | Hong Kong: Xiao Qing Wang (Sylvia)

Korea: Young Sik Kim (Young) | Brazil: Joseli Branco Leite Nogueira

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