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Talking about the latest teen trends and fashions

They are it!

to be 'it' , the "it" thing

According to a June, 2006 USA Today article, headbands are "it" this summer. Everybody wants one, especially celebrities.

That is the "it bag. Everyone is buying one.


What's In? What's Out?

Shoes that are in to be "in"

This style of tennis shoes is in this year. Every one is wearing this style--the ones with thick soles.

Shoes that are out to be "out"

This style of tennis shoe is out. People were wearing this style last year, but now they are no longer popular.

If a something is 'it', it is very popular. Many people like it.

If something is 'in', it is very popular or fashionable with a lot of people at the same time. If something is 'out', it was popular before (last year, for example), but it is no longer popular.


That is an 'it' bag--everyone wants one.

Long skirts were in last year, but they are out this year. (Long skirts were popular last year, but now no one is wearing them.)

I think short hair is in this year. All my friends are getting their hair cut very short. Long hair just doesn't seem to be as popular this year.

Other ways to say something is popular
Other expressions can be used to talk about things which are popular or fashionable with a lot of people at a given time. Here are some examples written by students about popular fads in Japan in the 1990s.

the in thingThe tamagotchi
is the in thing.

are in These tennis shoes
are in this year.

all the rageLoose socks
are all the rage.

a big hit Photo stickers are
a big hit in Japan.

a big craze The cell phone craze
is really big
all over the world.

be crazy aboutSome young people
are crazy about

Here are some more examples of how these expressions are used.

  • Shoes with big heels are the in thing this year.
  • Casual clothes are in at American universities.
  • Bungee jumping is the latest craze among young people.
  • Short hair is really in this year.
  • Yoyos are a big hit with school children.
  • Designer blue jeans are the latest rage in my country.

To see how these expressions are used, read short description of trends and fashions that were popular in Japan in the 1990s.

Interact with TOPICS

Write us and
tell us about the latest trends and fashions in your country!

Tell us what is popular or fashionable where you live? What fashions, hair styles, toys, or objects are in? What are the latest crazes?

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