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Grammar: Gerunds

A gerund is a verb in the -ing form that is used as a noun.
Sometimes a gerund can be the subject of a sentence and sometimes a gerund can be used as the object of the verb in the sentence. They are also used after certain verbs (Ex. enjoy, consider) or after certain verb/prepositions combinations (Ex., look forward to, think about).


In the first sentence of each example, the gerund is used as a noun. In the second sentence, the gerund is used as an object.

Eating together is fun.
Photo: C. Rhodes

  1. Eating together is enjoyable.

  2. I enjoy eating many different kinds of food.

I enjoy listening to the radio.
Photo: S. Peters

  1. Listening to the radio is fun.

  2. I dislike watching television, but I really enjoy listening to the radio.

Photo: S. Peters

  1. Playing the piano is enjoyable.

  2. I started playing the piano twelve years ago.

as subjects of sentences:

  • Swimming is a very popular sport.
  • Using a cell phone while driving can be dangerous.
  • Not doing your homework is a bad idea.

Gerunds as objects of the verbs in sentences:

  • I really enjoy eating in Italian restaurants.
  • He admitted cheating on the exam.
  • I dislike getting up early. I am a night owl.

after verb and preposition combinations
Some examples of verb + preposition combinations: to be interested in, to look forward to, to be good at, to think about

  • My friend is interested in learning foreign languages.
  • I am looking forward to seeing you..
  • She is good at cooking Chinese food.
  • Have you ever thought about moving to another city?
  • He is tired of studying English grammar.

Discover gerunds in stories of people's interests.

pencil Write and tell us about one of the following. Use a gerund or two.

  • Tell us what you hate doing? Explain why.
  • Tell us what you are interested in doing some day in the future.
  • Tell us what you are good at doing? Tell us about your talent.
  • Tell us what city or country you would enjoy visiting? Explain why.

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