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Expressing opinions

Ways to ask for opinions

Do you think...?
What do you think about...?
What's your opinion of...?
How do you feel about...?

Do you think televised violence affects children negatively?

What do you think about cloning?

What's your opinion of people who go bungee jumping?

How do you feel about school uniforms?

Expressions to give opinions

I think...
I feel...
I don't think
In my opinion,...
If you ask me,...

I think televised violence affects children negatively.

I don't think
most children are influenced by televised violence.

I feel human cloning is wrong.

In my opinion, you have to be crazy to go sky diving!

If you ask me, school uniforms are sometimes a good idea.

Express your own opinions

Think about some of the topics in this magazine and express your own opinions about them. Answer the questions below. Begin each answer with the expression that follows it.

Search for Adventure/Surfing and Scuba Diving (Issue 3, TOPICS)

What do you think is the most thrilling sport? why?
I think...

What is the most dangerous sport? Why?
I feel...

Which is more exciting, surfing or skiing? Why?
In my opinion...

Violence in the Media (Issue 11, TOPICS)

Does TV violence desensitize children?
I don't believe...

Do you think parents should control what their children watch on TV?
If you ask me,...

Are movies too violent these days?
In my opinion,...

To Clone or Not to Clone (Issue 11, TOPICS)

Is it acceptable to clone animals?
If you ask me,...

Should scientists clone humans?
In my opinion...

Would you like to be cloned yourself?
I don't think...

Ask for people's opinions

Choose one of the issues below, or choose an issue relevant to the members of your community.

Extreme sports
Violence on television
Gun vontrol
Teen drug use
Human cloning

Write 5 questions to ask people their opinions on the topic you choose. Begin each question in one of the following ways:

Then ask as people in your community the questions you have written. If you do not live in an English-speaking community, try to find other English learners to interview.

Express your opinions on topics of interest to you.

Do you have an opinion on a particular topic or issue?

Examples: cell phones, school cheating, gun control, smoking, new technology, tattooing, body piercing, televised violence, cloning, genetically-engineered food, or invasion of privacy.

Practice expressing your opinions to other people. Be sure to explain why you have these opinions.

Send your opinions. Send us your opinions. We would like to publish them in TOPICS.

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