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Is Cheating on the Rise?

Using a crib sheet during an exam
A student simulates a cheating incident.

Take a look at the idioms and expressions for communicating about academic dishonesty bolded in this selection, Thoughts on Cheating.

Thoughts on Cheating

Academic dishonesty has become a big issue. Teachers always say, "Keep your eyes on your own paper. Anyone caught cheating will fail this exam!" They watch students like a hawk during examinations.

Some people complain that cheating is on the rise, that more and more students are cheating. They think it is easier and easier for students to get away with it. Some say teachers are even letting cheaters off easy.

Why are some students cheating more? Some students who cheat say, "We have to cheat in order to get ahead in life. Besides, everyone is doing it. It's no big deal!"

The idioms and expressions

  • to catch someone cheating
  • to get away with cheating
  • to let someone off easy
  • to get ahead
  • to watch someone like a hawk
  • to keep your eyes on your own paper
  • to be on the rise
  • Everyone is doing it!
  • It's no big deal!

Find them in
Cheating Incidents.

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