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A Close Up Look: Native American Pow Wow Dress

Babe Bullock displays a coloful bustle
Photo: Sandy Peters
Gabe Bullock, men's head dancer, displays a colorful bustle which he made himself for his fancy dancing.

Young girls braiding hair
Photo: Sandy Peters
Three young girls are braiding each other's hair before the pow wow.

Brinder Jacobs wearing a skin dress
Photo: Sandy Peters
Brinder Jacobs wears a traditional buckskin dress. The long hanging fringe honors her ancestors.


Melody Jacobs wearing a dress with beadwork

Photo: Sandy Peters
Brinder Jacobs' daughter-in-law, Melody Jacobs, a Mescalero Apache and the women's head dancer, is wearing a dress made of southern cloth. She says the dancers usually wear things that people give them or that they make themselves. She did all her own beadwork and made her own breastplate, belt, and mocassins.

A skin boot
Photo: Sandy Peters
Brinder Jacobs shows the handmade leather boots she wears at pow wows.


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