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Where are the shops?
Maps that show you how to get there

Hui-Jeng (Rita) Wu from Taiwan

Takuji (Tak) Kimura from Japan

How to Get to Borders Bookstore
After getting off the bus, you will be at the local bus terminal stop. Across from the stop, there is the book store Borders. You are at the corner of Cherry Street and the Pedestrian Mall. In this map, find the church at the top of the map first; it is a landmark in downtown Burlington, and it is located at the top of the Church Street Mall (Pedestrian Mall).

How to Get to the University Mall
Get a bus map from the SIS office and check the time which suits your need; it will cost you one dollar. To get from SMC to the U-Mall, you have to take the bus downtown and transfer to the bus to the University Mall/Airport. After ten minutes, you will arrive at the last stop-Cherry Street, which is downtown. Before you get off the bus, remember to get a transfer ticket for the next bus. Check the departure time of the bus bound for the U-Mall and get on it; another 20 minutes and you will be there!

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