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Shopping for Necessities Near Saint Michael's College

An online web publishing project by two students in Christina Bauer-Ramazani's Intensive English Class at Saint Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont

Hui-Jeng (Rita) Wu from Taiwan

Takuji (Tak) Kimura from Japan

Takuji (Tak) Kimura and Hui-Jeng (Rita) Wu


Coming to a new world to study, what do you need in your daily life?

We took a survey to find out what you need from the first thing in the morning until you go to bed. We show what you can get around the Saint Michael's College, where to get them, and how to get them in order to prevent your overpacking.

Results of Survey:

International students' ranking of items of necessity

Where can you buy these necessities?

Where are the shops? Maps that show you how to get there

Suggestions from Rita and Tak


See teacher's comments on this project

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