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Suggestions from Hui-Jeng and Takuji Kimura

Hui-Jeng and Takkuji Kimura
Photo from the writers
Hui-Jeng and Takuji Kimura offer some final shopping tips.

You can find most of the things on the list in the bookstore on campus. However, products in the bookstore are a little more expensive than in Brooks and the University Mall (U-Mall). Especially things like T-shirts with the "St. Michael’s College" logo are expensive.

We suggest that you buy your necessities in other stores unless you love St. Michael’s College. The bookstore, nevertheless, offers film development services. There are such stores in Burlington downtown or in the University Mall, but we think those stores are a little too far just to print your pictures. We strongly suggest a big blue pillow ($7) sold at the U-Mall. It fits your bed in your room. No matter how many times you toss and turn in your bed, the big pillow takes care of your head. Just one suggestion, don’t wash it with your clothes in the washing machine. Otherwise, all your clothes will be blue.

You can find a greater variety of brands in other stores than at the bookstore. For example, you will find more different types of shampoo

map to Circuit City

at Brooks or the U-Mall although people working for the bookstore are friendlier.

If you look for computer supplies, you should go to Circuit City, the biggest computer store near SMC. It is in a city called Williston, 20 minutes away from the College. You can get a taxi or have your friend drive you there. You’ll find a network card in Circuit City. You plug it into your computer, which you bring from home. Then you can e-mail or go on the Internet for free in your room.

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