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Language, Music and Ukrainian Embroidery

 Svitlana Yurchenko
Photo: Yuliya Melnyk
The influence of globalization on our society becomes faster and wider today. We can see this almost in each sphere of our life.


Svitlana Yurchenko from Ukraine

Kirovohrad State Pedagogical University

School of Ukrainian and Russian Languages

The influence of globalization on our society becomes faster and wider today. We can see this almost in each sphere of our life. I think it will be considered more natural by future generations. But now it is still perceived as something very unusual.

Modern TV language is one of the brightest examples. A short time ago we did not know anything about public relations. Now we hear about PR all the time when we switch on our TV sets. A lot of borrowings are observed in advertisements on TV. The same we can hear in the youth language. Adults often do not understand what we mean, saying, girl, cool, party, oops, wow. Only a year or so ago you would not have heard wow, but now many young people use this exclamation. And many people are irritated, hearing it.

Our musicians sing songs in Ukrainian with words forever, OK, no problem. And it makes them more popular, because, traditionally, our youth have enjoyed songs in English much more than in native language. It was even in the time of USSR when songs in English were not appreciated officially. And there was such a period when jazz was forbidden.

A lot of new words are connected with computing. It is really impossible to invent our own new word for each new thing or detail. But I don’t think, either, that we can use so many foreign words when it is not really necessary. In many countries the governments pay attention to this. It was forbidden in 1994 in France to give the companies foreign names; in Poland it is not banned, but businessmen pay additional taxes. We sometimes are guilty of losing our native culture. For example, Ukrainian embroidery is famous all over the world, but it is not fashionable to wear it, at least in the cities. It is much more fashionable to wear something very standard produced somewhere in China or Turkey and of worse quality than our own, Ukrainian.

Borrowing foreign knowledge and experience, we need to keep our traditions and customs and not forget that we are Ukrainians.

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