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Taking a poll
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"I'd like to ask you a few questions about gun control."


Can you use poll language?
Take this quiz to find out.

This quiz is based on the findings of a poll about gun control in Australia. First, complete each sentence below by clicking on the letter of the answer that you think correctly completes the sentence. Then check your answer by clicking on the answer button. Then go on to the next question.

Poll says Australians Want Tough Gun Laws

  1. Recently, thousands of gun owners demonstrated in Melbourne, Australia; however, a new survey ________ that 80% of Australians support tough new gun laws.
    a. conducts
    b. surveys
    c. indicates

  2. The survey results ________ 84 % of city dwellers said they agreed with the new laws.
    a. conducted
    b. showed
    c. interviewed

  3. The survey also ________ that 72 percent of the people living in rural areas agreed the new laws.
    a. conducted
    b. released
    c. revealed

  4. The survey ________ conducted nationwide by telephone.
    a. was
    b. will
    c. has

  5. The results were ________ last week.
    a. agreed
    b. released
    c. conducted

  6. ________ to the poll results, twenty-four percent of the people interviewed said they owned weapons.
    a. Indicating
    b. According
    c. Releasing

  7. Of these, 61 percent ________ with the new laws.
    a. agreed to release
    b. agreed to support
    c. said they agreed

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