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Readers' Responses: Opinions on Adventure, Thrills and Risks

Read responses from readers to the adventure and thrills sections in TOPICS—Is Risk Taking Addictive?, Issue 13 - They're Into Extreme Sports (Issue 6) and Search for Adventure (Issue 1).

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It is true to say that people who take risks tend to be "sensation seekers", that is have unusually high needs for novel and exciting experiences. However this motive or personality trait only accounts for around 20% of people's risk taking behaviors. About half of the Sensation Seeking need is genetically determined, but that only equates to around 10% of risk taking behavior.

To understand risk taking more deeply we must attempt to understand the role of other influences. Recent research suggests that confidence in the ability to manage risks accounts for an even greater amount of risk taking sports behaviors (like rock climbing). By incorporating a range of variables between 40% and 60% of risk taking behaviors can be predicted, which is clearly better than a 'thrill seeking' argument alone.

In short, risk takers do tend to be Sensation Seekers but there is more to it than that. For more information please visit <>.

David Llewellyn from Great Britain

I went to Rio de Janeiro. I visited my parents. I went to the bungee jumping, it was very nice, it was something beautiful and fascinating. Next week, I went climbed a mountain. It was very dangerous, but it was a lot of beautiful. I saw on the mountain something fascinating. It was the best experience in my life.

Monique Guerreiro Anunciacao from Brazil

The most dangerous thing I have done is to try to go from one summit to another one that is very far from the former one. There is a very large forest through which I must go lonely with no food, no tools, no chance to see others but animals. Then I lost my way! Oh, my God, what could I do? I tried to climb a tall tree and tried to see as far as I could. I got very disappointed because I could see nothing but trees and trees... Being tired wasn't a problem. Being hungry was. Panic! Oh, panic was all I had at that time! I felt that there were many eyes spying on me. I even heard some strange sounds far away. Who would help me?

Liu Mickey from Taiwan

I'm a sixteen year old South Dakotan boy who recently went skydiving. It is the best rush you will feel in your entire lifetime. Getting out of the plane is no problem. The first time your mind goes blank, and for the first time in my life I had no worries. There is a rush of excitement that runs through your body that is unimaginable. If any of you use are thinking of using drugs, don't. Go skydiving; its way better than turning your brain to mush. Now I leave you with this quote "If riding in an airplane is flying, then riding in a boat is swimming. Get out and SKYDIVE!!!"

Vince Voelker from South Dakota, U.S.A.

I found the article by Dokura San to be very good. It supplied the who, what, where, why, when, how of journalism.

Steve Brimelow from Johannesburg, South Africa

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